Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I want Lent to be over soon because the H&M next door to my work is showing $15 off blazers and jackets and I have $50 Forever 21 birthday gift card that's calling my name...ARGGGHHHHHH...oh, and did I mention Aldo Shoes is having a major clearance and Gilt Groupe has about a bazillion things I want to buy along with Liberty of London Target line and their delightful MAC Collab?? I could go on really, because the sales just keep popping up and the shipping is all of a sudden FREE. Dear Lord, please save me from my Amex. Amen.

PS: But I have a fab boyfriend who gets me these awesome shoes for spin so I can have something new & show off in spin class tonight! HA! God is fair :D Amen.

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