Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've gone dot com!

This would be a true test of your observation skills but if you've noticed, as of last night, I've gotten my own website! :) I'm pleased to announce that I currently own the domain www.wheredidtheweekendgo.com but still hosting my blog on Blogger.

How awesome is that? Go Daddy was having a promo and I bought my domain! :) WHEEEE!!! How nerdy am I? :P

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i almost forgot!

I had one last Ohio outfit post I completely forgot about. I wore this for my "graduation" day from my Training program. I've always loved the concept of mixing prints & patterns, particularly, florals. The key is to keep the prints within the same colour family or complementary colours.


I've been lagging behind on outfit posts but I assure you once get out of my lazy weekend phase, I'll be back on the wagon! :) PS: I need to do something about my hair, I've realised every photo I've got it tied in a bun (I blame Ohio's hot/humid weather) Needless to say, I've got an appointment for a trim & colour due this weekend :) Whee!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

shopping fail

It's another weekend and once again, I've found myself lulling a Saturday away with J. My first week of "real" work ended well with a market trip to California and I came home exhausted but feeling very productive. Unfortunately, my attempt at a shopping ban failed me miserably while out in the burbs of Cali. The moment I stepped into the largest Forever 21 I had ever seen, I knew I was done for.

It was HUGE!!! Flanked at the end of the mall, it took up the real estate of what a Macy's or Sears would and I knew I could not resist. $175 later, I walked away with a large bag of 8 cute outfits. *sigh* But now that I'm back in the city, no more shopping. Seriously though....NO MORE.

So it's on with the weekend, with more sleeping to catch up on, naps to cuddle with and food to eat! :) Happy weekending!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back in The City

Source: Chris Craymer via www.materialiste.com

I'm back on the island of Manhattan & its good to be back and snuggling on the weekends once more. My night at STK yesterday reminded me why Ohio is a FAR cry from New York. But I shall miss the 6 lane highways, the driving, the big box retailers which have no room to exist in Manhattan & more importantly the 7 fabulous girls I've formed friendships with. I shall miss all of you! xoxo

Now on to enjoying the weekend. Hope yours is as relaxing & snuggly as mine!

PS: Day 1 of my shopping ban has commenced! Wish me luck!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Denim Shirt Found!

As lame as this sounds, I finally found the denim shirt I was looking for! Up till now, my search was futile: to find a denim chambray shirt that was a) AFFORDABLE and b) CUTE in a non-Western-cowboy sort of way. And here it is, courtesy of American Eagle! It was waiting for me at Marshalls for a lovely price of $14.99. Oh I shall miss you, Marshalls....

On a separate note, I have decided that once I'm back in NYC, I am imposing a shopping ban on myself till the Fall season comes (ie. Fall Solstice September 23). I have shopped WAY too much over the course of the 7 weeks I've been in Ohio (partly due to boredom and the availability of big box retailers like Target & Marshalls) so its time to get those credit cards in check and save myself some cash before Thanksgiving Sales start ramping up. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anchor an outfit with a blazer

Being in Columbus, Ohio for 7 weeks for training I've got a limited closet selection. A black blazer anchors anything down for work. Ohio is HOT in the summer, so I packed lots of light-weight, wrinkle-free patterned dresses but sometimes it isn't the most office appropriate. I threw on a blazer, rocked a floral pin and a pair of nude heels (another wardrobe staple) and Voilá! I'm ready for work!