Saturday, August 14, 2010

shopping fail

It's another weekend and once again, I've found myself lulling a Saturday away with J. My first week of "real" work ended well with a market trip to California and I came home exhausted but feeling very productive. Unfortunately, my attempt at a shopping ban failed me miserably while out in the burbs of Cali. The moment I stepped into the largest Forever 21 I had ever seen, I knew I was done for.

It was HUGE!!! Flanked at the end of the mall, it took up the real estate of what a Macy's or Sears would and I knew I could not resist. $175 later, I walked away with a large bag of 8 cute outfits. *sigh* But now that I'm back in the city, no more shopping. Seriously though....NO MORE.

So it's on with the weekend, with more sleeping to catch up on, naps to cuddle with and food to eat! :) Happy weekending!


  1. Which F21 in Cali??? I'm dying to know ... not bc I want to go or anything ...

  2. Oh..its the one in the Inland Mall in San Bernadino. Happy Shopping!