Friday, July 30, 2010

My new-found love:

Mr Steve Madden
(Sorry babe, but shoes are different...hee) For the last several weeks in Ohio I've spotted a colleague of mine wear fabulous platform wedge sandals and she glides seamlessly in them all day without flinching or switching to fitflops and I ask her: "How?" She replies with a smile "Steve Madden". So the next time I was in a mall, I headed straight for a store and had to try some on. True enough, Steve Madden's collection of platform wedge sandals were comfortable, sassy and on sale! :) So I picked up a pair of these:
They fit my skin tone perfect and they go with everything! And most importantly, as I age, comfortable shoes are a MUST especially with all the walking I do in Manhattan. Plus, they were on sale! So today I browsed Zappos and found some other fabulous Steve Madden sandals I'd love to own:


I'm accepting early Christmas presents if anyone is feeling extra generous....

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