Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunny Sundays

There's something comforting about sitting in the sunshine. We've been blessed with gorgeous weather today and Jordan's up on the rooftop working while I bask on his couch in the sun with Bright Star on Netflix. I love the English 19th Century. Why can't men write poetry like that now?

This weekend, I got to see David Choi live as he was on tour. I like his music and find him quite talented and tickets were only $12! It was an intimate performance with FAR too many screaming high school asian girls and I was glad to be in a seated booth with my above 21 friends. HA! Nevertheless, the songs were good, I'm convinced to buy his album on iTunes and he sounds WAY better live than on Youtube.

I just simply find it amusing that someone can go from recording from the comfort of their home to selling tour tickets and performing to fans of screaming girls all over the country. Not too shabby for an unsigned artist eh?

Tonight, I'm anticipating a FEAST! A friend of mine is cooking us a home-grown Singaporean favourite, Bak Kut Teh. Yummy, Yummy! Hope your weekend has been as flavourful as mine!


  1. Wah Lao!!! you went to see David Choi?!?!?! was wong fu there too??

  2. No Wongfu wasn't there but it was AMAZING! tell David, so that he can drool in envy...muahahahahahaa!!!