Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm back!

Yes I'm back and fried. My shoulders have been burnt to a crisp thanks to the sun in Buenos Aires. Who would have thought 3 hours of a walking tour could sear your shoulders? And now, I am peeling like a snake shedding her skin. It's gross. But  as I peel my dead layer of skin off, I promise a photo diary of Mont Tremblant & Buenos Aires will follow shortly! :)

I'd like to say its nice to be back, but when faced with -13C temps after sweating it out in 30C, I'd take sweat and sunshine any day. And of course, we have the snowmageddon that has come down upon the Northeast.

GREAT. Now my feet are cold AND wet and I've been snowed on, hailed on and been slushed, sloshed and slipping around all over Manhattan. I am getting a pair of Sorels TOMORROW!

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