Friday, February 18, 2011


I bit the bullet and made an appointment to get inked. It's been something I've been contemplating for about 2 years now but did not know what to get done. Finally, over the holidays last year I found what I wanted to get inked but had to wait till my Buenos Aires trip was over because new tattoos need to stay out of the sun. (A good move on my part considering I got fried when I was in Argentina)

So on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon @ 1pm - I went in for my tattoo appointment in the East Village with 2 girlfriends, armed with cameras and bubble tea. Least to say, we got weird looks from the crowd that was there - looking very Asian, with our peace signs and persistently giggling & camera-taking.

Alex was my tattoo artist and I presented my idea for his perusal - my late mother's signature. He was big & intimidating with his burly beard and tattooed sleeves but was sweet, gentle and very reassuring and thought my tattoo idea was pretty neat. And in 3 short but painful minutes, my tattoo was actualized. An early happy birthday gift to me and here's to you, Mum. I love & miss you and now you're with me forever. Literally.




  1. OMG you got a tattoo???? At first I was like, "inked?" I thought it had something to do with calligraphy pens or something haha. It's beautiful I love it!! Did it hurt much??

  2. Yeah I sure did Ting! :) It did hurt but it was well worth it to remember my mum.

  3. Hey !!! Can you tell David to do the same and tattoo it on his forehead!!!