Sunday, March 13, 2011

Got my scrub on.

I went for my 1st Korean body scrub today...and boy do I feel like a new person! Now for those you who are unaware of what this entails, let me give you the low down. First of all, there are Korean Bath Houses, Jjimjilbang, think of them as the amusement park of spa facilities. They have saunas (both wet and dry ones)lounge areas, hot tubs, juice bars, restaurants, showers, sleeping areas, TVs and they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer services like body scrubs, massages, facials, there is even a beauty salon too!

So today, my friends and I headed to King Sauna, with every intention to get our scrub on. We arrived and we're checked in with an admission fee. They provide these pajama-looking outfits for your to change into (sans underwear) and off we went to explore this multi-floor facility. It's co-ed but they are women's only areas for decency BUT once in the women's only area: It's all butt-bearing nakedness and no one is shy! So if you're going with friends, get ready to get to know them REAL well. I sure did! :)

We booked our body scrubs and was told to return a couple of hours later to shower. We then headed to the dry saunas/grottos to sweat out our toxins. They have multiple rooms, with different stones/materials which is supposed to be good for your skin. Finally after enjoying a freshly squeezed carrot juice, we head off to strip down to bare nakedness. We giggled into the showers and hopped into the hot tub with other naked women. We alternated between the hot tub, cold tub and the steam room and finally got our numbers called. A little korean auntie, decked in a black bra and pantie, led me to a room where there are beds where the scrubbing takes place. So first of, you're naked, butt-naked & the auntie instructs you in lie on the bed and they rinse you off and begin the scrubbing. They scrub EVERY inch of your body and every crevice. Layers of dead skin come off, and I mean's kinda gross but kinda nice at the same time. 

An hour later, I'm done with a new layer of skin. Soft and smooth like a baby's butt and probably a shade lighter. HOLY CRAP! I loved every minute of it. My friends and I are convinced we need to do this regularly! :) So, if you haven't exfoliated in a while, get thee to a Korean Bath House and get your scrub on.

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