Monday, April 26, 2010

Where did the weekend go and Big Things part deux

So I've had a pretty eventful weekend, besides fighting off allergies I received most excellent news on Friday. It looks like my career is taking a turn for new horizons and I'm extremely excited! This summer is going to be an interesting change & transition and I welcome the chance to grow and learn and be a part of something BIG. I'm just proud that all my hard work has paid off and that I am paving my way slowly but surely. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and it looks like Summer is going to be filled with lotsa new experiences :) HOORAY!

The weekend highlights included:
  • The best and probably most expensive meal I've had in my life at Masa - despite the ridiculous price a must-try in my opinion!!!
  • Trekking the city with J & his dad
  • Clover made coffee @ Cafe Grumpy
  • Finally watching Bolt on Netflix
  • Dinner & Jazz in Times Square
  • Sleeping in on Sunday
I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine. Now, I just need the time to do my HUGE load of laundry, clean my apartment, do a Fresh Direct order and settle in to some me-time.

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