Monday, April 12, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

It went to Brooklyn where Girl's Game Night was a BLAST! Too much wine and a zillion rounds of Cranium make us girls happy campers! Let's do it again girls!

It went to cashing in J's 20% off entire purchase coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond and frolicking the aisles of the home section in TJ Maxx.
It went to my very own Mr. Handyman can - installing hat hooks for my pretty hats in my bedroom.

It went to finally watching the award winning The Hurt Locker on Netflix and cooking a late night dinner.

It went to doing what many New Yorkers do on Sundays - Open Houses and trawling street fairs in Gramercy/Union Square.

It went to Shabu Shabu FEAST with friends & ending the night with kisses infront of my building.

How was your weekend? :)

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