Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend rain

My weekend was relatively productive! Despite the boy being away for an all-male debauchery in Montreal - I took the time to hang out with friends, get pampered and pack my apartment for visitors & my impending 7 week absence.

It began with Friday: an awesome but strenuous workout, followed by a home-cooked meal in Jersey City. Thanks Enny!

Saturday: World Cup, Boys, Beer & BonChon (yes, at 2:30pm in the afternoon) Followed by an amazing foot massage in Chinatown and gallivanting with a girlfriend.

Sunday: An appointment to see an apt on terribly dreary day. Day made better by the boy hopping on an early flight back to NYC and not leaving his apt for the rest of the day :) Rainy days are best spent snuggling. Don't you agree?

I hope your weekend was less wet and just a snuggly as mine. Happy Monday everyone!

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